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十一月快訊 November 2018 Newsletter

Updated: Jan 28, 2019


Welcome to the latest HKIMS newsletter which contains updates on the fund raising and spend for Fa Hong Monastery, a report on the damage and recovery from Typhoon Mangkut, and updates from the September / October residential retreat.


法航精舍的募捐活動 Fa Hong Monastery fund raiser


Thanks to everyone who participated in our fund raising activity earlier this year, in aid of supporting the upgrade of the electricity system and installation of air conditioning at Fa Hong Monastery. We received a total of $225,058, and spent $137,530 of this for the project. Here are the details of the spend:

安裝三相供電 Installation of 3-phase power supply

  • $5000 - 新申請 3相 63A 電錶 Apply 3-phase 63A electric meter

  • $9500 - 新安裝 6位 3相 FUSE箱1個、新放總 16mm總線、新安裝63A 水總及安裝6分厚錶板 Install 6-piece 3-phase FUSE box, 16mm central line, 6mm thick meter board

  • $27000 - 新造電位30個 30 New sockets

  • $6500 - 購買及安裝即熱式熱水爐 Purchase and install instant hot water heater for kitchen

  • $4000 - 2間組合屋新放4mm總線 install 4mm wiring to the two detached houses

小計 Sub-total $52000

安裝冷氣 Installing air-conditioning

  • $4460 - 購買美的1.5匹淨冷分體式冷氣機(老師房) purchase 1.5 hp split type air-conditioner for teacher's room

  • $4000 - 老師房安裝1台冷氣機 installing air-cond in the teacher's room

  • $36150 - 購買美的2.5匹淨冷分體式冷氣機安裝于:禪堂2部;三樓一部,厨房一部;山頂一部 purchase 2.5-hp split type air-cond for: 2 for the meditation hall, one in the top floor, one in the kitchen, one in the big combination house

  • $12000 - 2, 3樓安裝,各1台冷氣機 installation of the air-con on top floor

  • $12000 - 禪堂安裝,2台冷氣機 installation of two air-con in the dhamma hall

  • $2800 - 禪堂新造冷氣機電位2個 Install two sockets in the dhamma hall

  • $4500 - 厨房裝冷氣 installation air conditioner in the kitchen

  • $3800 - 山頂宿舍裝冷氣 Installation air conditioner in the upper combination house

  • $5820 - 購買美的2匹淨冷分體式冷氣機安裝于二樓女宿舍 purchase 2-hp split type air-cond for second floor female dormitory

小計 Sub-total $85530

總計 GRAND TOTAL $137530


The remaining $87,528 will be used to upgrade the Fa Hong grounds and facilities, in order to provide a better environment for yogis to meditate. Approximately $30,000 will be used to repair the damage caused by Typhoon Mangkhut. Plans for utilising the remaining funds will be announced at a later date.


法航于颱風山竹的損毀情況 Fa Hong Monastery’s damage during Typhoon Mangkhut

九月份超級颱風山竹襲港,港九多處受到嚴重破壞。本會的義工也在颱風離開後第二天立即前往法航瞭解損毀情況。除了有多處樹木倒塌,以及天臺的簷篷損毀以外,幸好主要的建築物和設施都沒大礙。颱風過後幾天,中秋禪營就要開始,感恩很多位師兄都見義勇為,立即前往法航幫忙善後,令禪營能夠順利開始。隨喜各位師兄無私地佈施!Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

In September, typhoon Mangkhut caused significant damage to Hong Kong. In order to understand what damage had been sustained at Fa Hong Monastery, our volunteers went to the monastery immediately after the typhoon had passed. Although several trees had fallen, and the canopy of the rooftop had been damaged, luckily all the buildings and facilities were not affected. As we had already planned a retreat that was due to start soon after the typhoon, many volunteers came to help clean up, in order for the retreat to carry on as planned. All the efforts are very much appreciated and we thank everyone for their generosity! Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


中秋國慶禪營 Mid-Autumn / National Festival Retreat

我們在中秋國慶期間主辦的十天禪營已經完滿結束。隨喜各位參與者的精進修習。我們請了幾位同修分享一下感受,包括Eric Hansen分享他的禪修之旅,另外,李天蕊亦分享了她作為是次禪營統籌的感受。