十一月快訊 November 2018 Newsletter

Updated: Jan 28, 2019


Welcome to the latest HKIMS newsletter which contains updates on the fund raising and spend for Fa Hong Monastery, a report on the damage and recovery from Typhoon Mangkut, and updates from the September / October residential retreat.


法航精舍的募捐活動 Fa Hong Monastery fund raiser


Thanks to everyone who participated in our fund raising activity earlier this year, in aid of supporting the upgrade of the electricity system and installation of air conditioning at Fa Hong Monastery. We received a total of $225,058, and spent $137,530 of this for the project. Here are the details of the spend:

安裝三相供電 Installation of 3-phase power supply

  • $5000 - 新申請 3相 63A 電錶 Apply 3-phase 63A electric meter

  • $9500 - 新安裝 6位 3相 FUSE箱1個、新放總 16mm總線、新安裝63A 水總及安裝6分厚錶板 Install 6-piece 3-phase FUSE box, 16mm central line, 6mm thick meter board

  • $27000 - 新造電位30個 30 New sockets

  • $6500 - 購買及安裝即熱式熱水爐 Purchase and install instant hot water heater for kitchen

  • $4000 - 2間組合屋新放4mm總線 install 4mm wiring to the two detached houses

小計 Sub-total $52000