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The Buddha taught that the practice of giving (dana) is the seed and foundation of spiritual development. To better offer meditation events and teachings, we are in constant need of volunteers and resources. If you’ve benefitted from the practicing of the Dhamma, and/or our events, please consider contributing your time and/or resources in order to give back to the community. Here's how you can help...



Donate money to support our mission. Hong Kong Insight Meditation Society is a Hong Kong government registered charity organization. Receipt(s) for over HKD100 donation can be issued for taxation reference.





Do you have valuable skills you can contribute to HKIMS? Are you a cook, or have maintenance skills? Can you help translate articles and content between English and Chinese?  If so, please get in touch using the email address below and we will contact you accordingly when the need arises.



Other than donating your time and money, you can also support us by participating in our activities, studying and practicing the Buddha’s teachings, share your experience, and encourage others to do the same. We also encourage you to follow our Facebook Page and to subscribe below to our newsletters in order to find out more about future events and HKIMS news.

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