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Privacy Policy


By accessing our website, you consent to the use of cookies on your accessing system.  If you join our mailing list, register for events, or interact in our Community Articles section, the information you provide will be stored within the website's underlying platform (see below), and accessible by dedicated HKIMS volunteers at any time.  The information below sets to outline some of the aspects of how your privacy and information is protected.

Cookies and underlying platform

This website has been built using the platform.  All data collected by the HKIMS website is stored on the Wix backend systems.  For more information on how makes use of cookies, as well as how your stored data is handled, please refer to the Privacy Policy - note, when referring to's Privacy Policy, HKIMS is regarded as part of the "Users" of, and you are regarded as part of the "Users-of-Users".

Subscription to our newsletter

The information you enter (name and email address) when you subscribe to our newsletter is only used so that we can send you updates on activities run by or related to HKIMS, by email.


Storing of personal information for event applications

When answering questions during the event application process, your information is stored within the system.  This information:​

  • is used by dedicated HKIMS volunteers to help them better serve attendees during the events

  • can be amended in the process of submitting an application to one of our events

  • can be deleted upon request to us by email

  • the name and email address entered through an application to one of our events is automatically added to our newsletter subscription (see above).  Your name and email address can be removed at anytime by contacting HKIMS or by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletters.


Best effort & Liability

We have made efforts to keep user personal data handled on our web site safe from unauthorised third party access. In particular:

  • We have followed the guidelines set out by on keeping our account secure

  • Ensure where possible, to limit distribution of users' details only to those HKIMS volunteers directly involved in helping to manage HKIMS events and / or publish HKIMS newsletters.

However, in visiting the HKIMS website, you entrust us with your personal information and this is your own responsibility and you do so at your own risk. Thus, in the eventuality of a breach of our system or a leaking of user personal data from our web site, we cannot be held liable for the ensuing consequences.

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