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Change Log

28 May 2018

Updates to Fa Hong section

  • Added new Fa Hong language selector page for accessing from external websites

  • Added new photos to Fa Hong section, including internal building photos and photos of typical food

  • Fixed link to Fa Hong section

  • Fixed home page formatting inconsistency

10 May 2018

v3 - Minor updates since beta release

  • Fixed / changed hyperlinks in blog articles, title block and logo, home page section headings, 

  • Header block spacing updated

  • Corrected picture paragraph formatting in Chinese Regular Practice entries

  • Footnotes page renamed to "Site Construction"

  • Removed "Beta" logo in header

  • Minor formatting and navigation updates in Guides and Articles

  • Added upcoming retreats and events to mobile home page

22 Apr 2018

Brand new release (v3 beta) of the HKIMS website

  • Brand new re-platformed website, with full bilingual Chinese and English content, and support for desktop, mobile and tablet devices - automatic switching to English home page when English browser detected

  • About Us section with full details of HKIMS's objectives, teachers, and retreat centre

  • Brand new events management system, with up to date details of all regular practice sessions and upcoming retreats and events, as well as online registration and waiting list capability

  • Key articles, resources, links, recordings, and other content migrated from previous website

  • New photos from Fa Hong Monastery, and other retreat venues used by HKIMS

  • New comprehensive guidelines for visitors to Fa Hong Monastery

  • New streamlined Guides and Articles section, broken down into sections: Beginners, Buddhist Teachings, About Meditation, Others

  • New HKIMS written articles, and other useful links added to Guides and Articles section

  • Teacher-specific pages containing streamable audio recordings from past HKIMS and HKIMS-related events

  • Community section for community-written articles, as well as links to HKIMS's Facebook feed.

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With specific thanks to:-

  • Jessica Mui, for her guidance and support throughout

  • Opal Li, for her support in proof reading, translations, and brainstorming of design ideas

  • Chi Wai Li, for his advice and mentoring on data migration, web design principles, as well as tool selection

  • All past contributors of HKIMS content that is contained within this website

  • Rija Ménagé, for his technical support for go-live

  • All HKIMS volunteers and members who have contributed feedback and ideas

  • and Fiona, for her support and encouragement throughout



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