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We welcome monetary donations to support our mission.

Receipt(s) for over HKD100 donation can be issued for taxation reference.

You may utilise the Hong Kong Banking Faster Payment System by directing your FPS payment to


FPS ID: 164103236

and indicating in the FPS transfer notes if your donation is intended for a specific event and / or teacher.

HSBC logo.png

You may also deposit into the HKIMS account


HSBC 400-312344-001

Please send us an email in order to inform us if you have made a donation by bank deposit.

Alternatively you may write a cheque payable to ”Hong Kong Insight Meditation Society”, or bring cash to our staff in person.


Quick and convenient method where you can use your debit or credit card to make a donation.  PayPal will however take a fee calculated depending on currency and location and can be up to 10% off your donation before passing the rest to us.

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