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Fund Raising Updates (August)

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Since the start of the fund raising initiative towards the end of July, Jessica has been working around the clock to distribute your donations to help those in desperate need.

As the situation in Myanmar appears relatively more serious than India, the working team has decided to work on channeling your donations to help the Burmese first.

With the help of many kind friends and volunteers, they were able to make good progress on getting money, food, and other necessities to monasteries and disadvantaged citizens in Myanmar.

The team just released their monthly newsletter to share some of the stories that goes on behind the scenes. If you want to know more about who was helped by your donations, you may read about them in PDF file below.

八月慈善捐款簡報 2021 Aug Charity Newsletter
Download PDF • 42.41MB

As the team wishes to help more people in the coming months, your continued support is much appreciated. To make a one time or monthly donation, you may make it via two channels:

1. Faster Payment System (FPS) to HKIMS identifier (ID) : 164103236

2. Direct deposit into HKIMS HSBC account: 400-312344-001

You can also state which cause you want to support. If no specific cause is stated, HKIMS will allocate the funds according to India and Myanmar’s situation and needs.

Read this post for more information about the fund raising initiative.

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