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Fund Raising for Indian monasteries & Myanmar citizens

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

In Support of Buddhism (Dhamma), Indian monasteries and Myanmar citizens

For more than 18 months, the world continues to be affected by the spread of Covid-19. The disruption can be felt at every level and in every country – from the global economy down to our very own daily lives. With that said, developing countries take a much harder hit in this pandemic. The lives of their citizens became even more difficult. As such the Hong Kong Insight Meditation Society wishes to raise funds to support two initiatives:

1. Supporting Indian Monastic Operations – Preserve and maintain Buddhist operations, and to help monasteries tide through tough times

There are many monasteries located in Bodh Gaya and India in general. They have always relied on the offerings from pilgrims and external sources to sustain their operations. However, the borders of India has been closed for almost 18 months now, therefore monastery operations difficult. For example, the biggest and oldest Burmese monastery needs funds to continue operating, and other acquainted monasteries have also requested financial support.

2. Charity for Myanmar – Donation of medical supplies/food/necessities to locals and monastics

Myanmar is known as the Golden Land of the Buddha Dhamma as it has been promoting the Dhamma and Vipasanna meditation widely since the beginning of the 19 century. Every year, there are thousands of foreigners visiting Myanmar to further their practice. Many Burmese teachers also got to travel around the world to spread the seeds of Dhamma, but all these changed after the Military coup in February this year. The country’s economy, transport, medical services, and livelihood of locals have been paralyzed. The rapid spread of Covid-19 in Myanmar worsened things even further. The climbing death rate, insufficient oxygen supply, and rising cost of oxygen resulted in the breakdown of Myanmar’s medical system. To show our gratitude to Myanmar for their contributions in the maintaining and spreading of Dhamma, we wish to help their monastics and citizens alike by providing for their basic necessities such as food, medication and equipment. We hope that everyone can give generously and lend a helping hand to our fellow brothers and sisters of the world.

How to donate:

1. Faster Payment System (FPS) to HKIMS identifier (ID) : 164103236

2. Direct deposit into HKIMS HSBC account: 400-312344-001

You can state which cause you wish to support:

1. Supporting Indian Monastics

2. Charity for Myanmar

If no specific cause is stated, HKIMS will allocate the funds according to India and Myanmar’s situation and needs.

We welcome any amount of donations. For accounting purposes, please ensure the last digit of your donation is “7”. For example, HKD107, 207, 1007, 10007 etc. You are welcomed to make a one-time donation or make monthly deposits, until the situation improves. We will create a Whatsapp group to facilitate your sending of fund transfer receipts for recording purposes. HKIMS will also share our balance statements regularly.

Note: HKIMS is a registered charity. Donations above HKD 100 and above are eligible for a donation receipt for tax exemption.

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