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Dhamma in Dialogue with a Community of Spiritual Friends — 10-day In-Person Insight Dialogue Retreat

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

It is our great pleasure to inform you that Insight DIalogue teachers Beth Faria and Dave Leggatt will come to HK to spend a month and half with us in Dec and Jan. We are so excited! Please join us in this rare opportunity to have an in-person Insight Dialogue retreat in Hong Kong! During the last two years of the Pandemic lockdown period, many of us get support from online practice of Insight Dialogue with spiritual friends going through this difficult time. Now is the time to deepen our practice with the generosity of teachers traveling from Canada and Australia to support the growth in the practice and Dhamma as a community.

In this retreat, we will have in-depth practice of ID in a residential setting to deepen the 3 Bases - mindfulness and meditative qualities of the mind, wholesome relational qualities and wisdom. Daily silent practice and outdoor mindful working and relational practices will be part of the retreat too.

We serve healthy vegetarian food at the monastery.

Dates: 24 December 2022 to 2 January 2023

Teachers: Beth Faria and Dave Leggatt

Location: Fa Hong monastery, Lantau island, Hong Kong

Language: English

Prerequisite: This retreat is for experienced Insight Dialogue practitioners with silent

retreat experience

  • Completion of at least an Introductory ID 8-week program or the equivalent(practiced in retreats, online practice regularly), and a silent residential retreat of at least 5 days.

  • To avoid disruptions, we prefer all participants for a minimum of 7 days of participation starting on Day 1.


  • To cover the costs of food, hiring a cook and facilities for the retreat, there will be a fee of approximately HK$2500 for the ten days.

  • Since the teachers are traveling to Hong Kong and offering these precious teachings out of their own generosity, you will also be invited to donate to them separately.

  • If anyone needs financial support to attend the retreat, please let us know.

To register, please complete this online form: LINK

If rather than attending the retreat you would like to serve as a volunteer, please contact us. This would be an option if you are available but prefer not to practice full time and are willing to help in the kitchen, garden, running errands and similar. Ideally this would be someone who is already familiar with Fa Hong operations.

About the Teachers

Both Beth and Dave have been working with the Asia and greater China regions in teaching and growing the Insight Dialogue practice communities in the last two years.

Elizabeth Faria has offered Insight Dialogue and silent meditation in Australia and Brasil since 2013. She has studied with Gregory Kramer and the Insight Dialogue Teaching Community since 2008.

She began practicing vipassana on long retreats meditation in 1996, taking a two-year break from work to dedicate time to meditation practice in India, the US, Australia, and Thailand.

Elizabeth is a graduate of the Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists Professional Training Course in Buddhism and Psychotherapy. She has worked as a psychotherapist for the last 29 years and has long been interested in the integration of the Buddhadharma with neuroscience and psychotherapy. Elizabeth lives in New South Wales, Australia. For more information about Elizabeth, please visit her website.

Dave Leggatt practiced in the Vipassana tradition for many years. He was introduced to Insight Dialogue in 2011 and joined the Insight Dialogue facilitator program in 2016. Since then Dave has been facilitating and teaching in-person workshops, retreats and online offerings. Aware of the importance of spiritual friendship and the power of Insight Dialogue practiced in daily life, he enjoys expanding the boundaries of practice for himself and others. He founded the annual Kalyanamittata retreat and offers practice in the global Insight Dialogue community. He is active on a number of community teams. Dave lives in Toronto, Canada.

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