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Fa Hong Monastery Appeal For Donations To Fund Repairs

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Dear Friends,

We are seeking your help to fund repairs to buildings previously damaged by typhoons.

Situated on the beautiful and secluded Lantau Island mountainside, with panoramic views of the Tung Chung valley, the monastery was built about 50 years ago as the temple for renowned Zen Meditation Master Fa Hai.HKIMS is very fortunate to have been granted the use of this monastery since 2007. We have put in over 1,000,000HKD in renovations and maintenance to enable it to be suitable for conducting residential meditation retreats.Since 2008, we have conducted over 50 meditation retreats, most significantly a 10-20 days international retreat led by a renowned Myanmar Meditation Master during 2012. If you have not yet visited Fa Hong Monastery, please come for a visit in the near future.

In 2018, Super Typhoon Mangkhut caused serious damage to the roofs of the dormitory and the teacher’s room, as well as to the cover situation on the roof terrace. Despite volunteers performing numerous repairs, the damage is now beyond repair.The dormitory leaks whenever there is heavy rain, and the washing machine and dryers on the roof tops are not well covered nor protected from the heavy rains and strong winds.

As a result of a reduced workload owing to the current epidemic situation, the building contractors have been willing to give us an estimate of $170,000 plus $15,000 electrical re-wiring cost to replace all three roofs and to complete the work during April 2020.  Ordinarily, it would be a challenge to get contractors to commit to such works in such remote locations at such competitive prices.

Therefore, we are seeking your support in order to carry out this project so that Fa Hong monastery can function properly again in the near future. This would enable you and others to be able to practice meditation in a peaceful, beautiful & comfortable environment that is conducive to your spiritual development.

We have always depended on the generosity of people like you, our Sangha community to keep the good work going. Please help us out and donate whatever you can to our HSBC account numbered 400 312 344 001. If you are making a transfer from another bank other than HSBC, please use the extended account number 004 400 312 344 001.

Hong Kong Insight Meditation Society (HKIMS) is a registered charitable organisation. This means that any donation you make over HKD100 is eligible for a donation receipt for tax exemption. Once you have donated, please send us an email at so we can send the receipt to you.

Thanks in advance for your kind generosity.

With deep gratitude,


13th March 2020

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