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Guidelines For Online Events



(English version available below)


  • 使用實名


  • 打開鏡頭



  • 盡量在一個安祥和安靜的環境中參加

  • 準時出席



我們提供這些指引是因為我們希望在zoom平台能更有效地舉辦活動,支持參加者及共修團體的活動。這些指引與其他親身參加的活動的指引十分類似。我們請所有參加者盡力去跟隨這些指引,並把這樣做不只視為對自己的經驗有正面影響,同時也會對其他人有正面影響 — 這是自利利他的核心。

We are pleased to offer regular as well as one-off events via the online Zoom platform. We seek to provide benefit through the events and practice for ourselves and one another, including fellow participants and Sangha members.  To this end, we ask that all participants follow these guidelines;

  • Update your screen name

    Please update your screen name so that it is something the host/teacher can refer to you as.

    If you prefer not to provide your full name, you can just use your forename(s). For mixed language events, please include your English (or phonetic) name.

  • Enable your camera
    Please turn on your camera so that we may see each other and be present with one another.

    This helps to foster an environment where fellow participants feel safe and comfortable with one another, fostering a greater sense of shared community.  We understand there are times when you might need to briefly turn off your camera for a period and if so this is ok. Otherwise we ask that you try to maintain your camera and be visually present as much as possible during the event.

    Whenever we have regular online events where some people turn their cameras off, over time others begin to do the same and before long, most people attend with their cameras turned off. This can be very disconcerting for any teacher or host trying to engage with the group, and very discouraging for participants who would otherwise be willing to actively participate in the event.

  • Attend from an environment that is as peaceful and quiet as possible
    This is beneficial both to your practice and experience of the session, as it is for other participants.

  • Attend on time
    In order to minimise disruption to one another and out of respect to the host and the teachers, we ask that you try your best to be on time, ideally a few minutes before the event commences, bearing in mind the benefits to all and oneself for doing so.

    If arriving late is unavoidable (e.g. due to work commitments or other responsibilities), please wait patiently for the host to admit you from the Waiting Room as they themselves may be in the middle of running the event or meditating.

If you'd like to attend an online event but are unsure about the guidelines, feel free to contact us before the event to discuss. Alternatively you can just attend anyway and then reach out to your host(s) using Zoom chat when you enter the meeting.  For anyone who attends but is unable to follow the guidelines, depending on the circumstances we may ask them to temporarily leave the event and to rejoin later when they are in a better position to follow the guidelines.

We offer these guidelines because we want to run events that support the Sangha and build the community in a way that's most effective within the online Zoom platform. The guidelines are very much in line with similar ones for in-person events. We ask all participants to make every effort to adhere to the guidelines and to consider that doing so will not only have a positive impact on one's own experience, but also on the other participants as well - this is at the heart of supporting one another and the Sangha.

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