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Fa Hong Monastery

Given its purpose as a place for spiritual practice, anyone accessing Fa Hong should bear in mind the following guidelines

Code Of Conduct


  1. Observance of the precepts.

    • Refraining from killing living beings including animals and insects

    • Practicing celibacy during the retreat

    • Refraining from smoking and taking alcohol

  2. Respect and follow the instructions given by the teacher.

  3. Observe Noble Silence.

    • Speak to the staff quietly if you need assistance

    • All mobile phones should be turned off

    • Phone calls are allowed only for emergencies

    • No music

  4. Follow the timetable, be considerate and keep the retreat site clean and tidy.

  5. Dress should be simple, modest, and comfortable.

    • Tight, transparent, revealing clothing should not be worn.

    • Do not wear make-up, perfume or jewellery

  6. If you feel sick or need help, please inform staff right away

  7. Vegetarian meals including breakfast, lunch and drinks will be provided as indicated on the daily schedule.

  8. Meditators should inform staff if they need to leave the retreat site.

  9. A one hour house keeping/cleaning job will be assigned each day to each meditator. This is part of the meditation practice.  Therefore, there is no need to rush in order to finish the job, but instead simply do the job mindfully.

In The Meditation Hall

  • One can perform sitting or standing meditation in the hall. Walking meditation should only be performed when no one is sitting.

  • During group sitting meditation, please refrain from going in and out of the hall.

  • Please be punctual for group sittings as well as Dhamma discourse and discussion session.

  • Please face the Buddha Statue and avoid pointing your feet towards the statues.

  • Avoid talking in the Meditation Hall except during discussion time.

  • Please move quietly in hall and try not to disturb other meditators.

  • Be thoughtful of others when operating lights, and handling windows, doors and fans.

  • Do not light candles and/or incense.

  • If you are the last one leaving the hall at night, please turn off the lights and fans.

  • Do not bring any food or drinks into the meditation hall.

For Dormitory Occupants

  • Be mindful and considerate in the dormitory as we are sharing the space with others. Respect others’ needs and be patience with any inconvenience you experience.

  • Please keep the lights off before 5AM and after 10PM. If you have to get up at night, please use a flashlight.

  • Please keep the noise level to a bare minimum when you open/close doors, flush toilets, wash, shower, etc.

  • Avoid chattering, please observe Noble silence.

  • Keep the place clean and tidy.

  • Turn off the lights and fans when they are not in use.

  • If you are the last one leaving the place, please turn off all lights, fans.

  • Before you leave the retreat, please bring your bedding to the laundry area, and clean and tidy up your area  ready for newcomers to use.

Using The Washrooms


  • Please handle the taps, doors gently.

  • Keep the place clean and tidy.

  • Clean the drainage area after showering to avoid water congestion. In order to avoid septic problems, please do not flush the toilet paper into the toilet.

  • Switch off the lights, etc when not in use.

  • When cleaning the washroom, please clean the sink, mirrors, all surfaces, toilets, and floors.

Checklist For Leaving Fa Hong

  1. Close all windows and lock all the doors.

  2. Make sure all electricity switches and water taps are turned off.

    • Restore items that you have used.

    • Air the pillows, duvet, any meditation cushions used before storing them properly.

    • Wash, dry and store properly all the beddings you have used.

    • Clean the bedroom and toilet.

    • Put away all the food, drinks and fruits in the refrigerator or the cabinets accordingly.

    • Clean the kitchen and put away all the utensils, bowls, plates, and cups in the cabinets outside the kitchen.

  3. When you leave, please bring all your personal belongings, as well as the garbage.

Code Of Conduct
In The Meditation Hall
For Dormitory Occupants
Using The Washrooms
Checklist For Leaving Fa Hong
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