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Visu老師的致謝信 Visu's Letter of Thanks and Gratitude to Kind Members and Friends of HKIMS


Dear Friends 親愛的朋友們,

I am deeply touched and grateful to the many kind and generous members and friends of HKIMS who contributed to my medical fund following a stroke I suffered on Oct 7.

Words cannot express my feeling of gratitude and indebtedness to you all. I hope to be worthy of your kindness and support by continuing to diligently serve the Dhamma and helping others as much as I can in whatever way I can.

My wife Barbara joins me in expressing our heartfelt gratitude. We say from the bottom of our hearts, "Bless you, dear kind friends, and thank you, thank you, thank you."

I was warded for 13 days at the Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong and discharged on Oct 19. I have recuperated well and am now back in my home island of Penang. Though somewhat weakened physically I am grateful that I can walk quite well again on my right leg. With time I hope to regain my strength and energy.

At Queen Mary I was under the care of a neurologist who also happens to be a good friend of mine. I am most grateful for the wonderful and excellent care he and his team took of me. Members and friends of HKIMS visited and cared for me. My beloved wife flew out from Germany where she was visiting her ailing mother to care for me and help me walk out of the hospital. Jessica, Ian and Helena were at the hospital on the day of my discharge to help Barbara and me travel to Pui O where we recuperated for two weeks before flying back to Penang. If I were to list all the many acts of kindness, help and support I received it will take many pages. I can only say I am touched and grateful beyond words. I can only say thank you again and again to all you kind people. I can only say no matter how many times I say it I cannot thank you all enough.

I am pleased to inform that I will resume my online zoom fortnightly sutta class on Tuesday, Nov 28. I have compiled a file on the Buddha's words on gratitude, which we will read and discuss at the class. Having received so much kindness, I have reflected and given much thought to this important quality of gratitude. If you would like a copy of this file please email me at You are also more than welcome to attend the class which starts at 8.00pm.

I hope to return to Hong Kong to lead retreats in the future. I am fond of Hong Kong as I have a long association with it and many good memories since I first led a retreat there as a monk in December 1999. I am glad that I completed leading a short retreat in Fa Hong on Lantau island just before my stroke though I regret that a second planned retreat had to be cancelled.

My wife Barbara and I send you all our love and best wishes. We wish that all of you may stay safe, healthy, peaceful and happy. We pray that all of us may one day attain full awakening and be liberated from the saṁsāric cycle of birth and death.


我在香港瑪麗醫院住了 13 天,於 10 月 19 日出院。我恢復得很好,現在已經回到了家鄉檳城。雖然身體有些虛弱,但我很慶倖我的右腿已經可以很好地行走了。隨著時間的推移,我希望能恢復體力和精力。


我很高興地通知大家,我將於 11 月 28 日星期二恢復每兩週一次的線上Zoom佛經課。我已將佛陀關於感恩的教導整理成文,我們將在課堂上閱讀並討論。在接受了如此多的善意之後,我對 "感恩 "這一重要品質進行了反思和深思。如果您需要這份資料的副本,請發電子郵件至。我們也非常歡迎您參加晚上 8 點開始的課程。

我希望今後能回到香港主持禪修營。我很喜歡香港,因為自 1999 年 12 月作為僧侶首次在香港帶領禪修營以來,我與香港結下了不解之緣,並留下了許多美好的回憶。我很高興在中風前在大嶼山法航精舍主持了一次禪修營,但遺憾的是原計劃的第二次禪修營不得不取消。


With much mettā and gratitude, 慈心及感恩,

Visu Teoh

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