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Fri, 22 Dec


法航精舍 Fa Hong Monastery

慧談靜修營 Dhamma in Dialogue - 5-12 day Residential Insight Dialogue Retreat

以正念、慈悲及智慧去結束2023 及迎接2024. Come practice relational meditation with spiritual friends to celebrate the holiday season, and start 2024 in mindfulness, generosity, kindness and compassion.

Registration is Closed, please consider to join our other activities later.
慧談靜修營 Dhamma in Dialogue - 5-12 day Residential Insight Dialogue Retreat
慧談靜修營 Dhamma in Dialogue - 5-12 day Residential Insight Dialogue Retreat

時間及地點 Time & Location

22 Dec 2023, 9:00 am HKT – 02 Jan 2024, 9:00 am HKT

法航精舍 Fa Hong Monastery, 大嶼山 Lantau Island, Hong Kong

活動詳情 About The Event

(for English, please scroll down) 


我們非常高興地通知您,慧談導師貝絲·法麗亞(Beth Faria)和戴夫·萊加特(Dave Leggatt)將再次在法航精舍舉辦聖誕與新年的禪修營期。我們邀請您參加這個難得的、在香港舉辦面對面的慧談禪修營!



  • 第一期:12月22日至26日:為那些對慧談新手的5天營期。英語教學並有粵語翻譯。
  • 第二期:12月27日至31日:為那些有慧談經驗的5天營期。英語教學。
  • 第三期:1月1日至2日:為慧談帶領者和同儕小組領導者延伸的2天營期。英語教學。


在營期中,我們將在共住環境中修習人際關係。對於有經驗者,您將進一步深化對三個基礎的理解 - 正念、良善的關係品質和智慧。日常的靜默修習、戶外的正念工作和活動也將是營期的一部分。我們在寺院供應健康的素食。












Beth和Dave在過去兩年中一直在亞洲和大中華地區教導和發展Insight Dialogue實踐社群。

Elizabeth Faria自2013年以來在澳大利亞和巴西提供Insight Dialogue和靜默冥想。她自2008年開始跟隨Gregory Kramer和Insight Dialogue教學社群進行學習。她於1996年開始在長期靜修中修習內觀,並放下工作兩年專注於印度、美國、澳大利亞和泰國的修行。Elizabeth是澳大利亞佛教輔導師和心理治療師協會的畢業生,曾從事心理治療工作29年,長期以來一直對佛法與神經科學和心理治療的整合感興趣。Elizabeth目前居住在澳大利亞新南威爾士州。有關Elizabeth的更多信息,請訪問她的網站。

Dave Leggatt多年來在內觀傳統中進行修行。他於2011年接觸到Insight Dialogue,並在2016年加入Insight Dialogue引導者計劃。之後,Dave開始在現場工作坊、靜修營和線上課程中進行引導和教學。他深知在修行路上良師益友的重要性和在日常生活中實踐Insight Dialogue的力量,他喜歡為自己和他人擴展實踐的彊領。他創辦了年度的Kalyanamittata靜修營,並在全球的Insight Dialogue社群中提供實踐。他在許多社群團隊中活躍。Dave目前居住在加拿大多倫多。

Dear friends,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that Insight Dialogue teachers Beth Faria and Dave Leggatt will again be leading a retreat at Fa Hong Monastery over Christmas and New Year. We are so excited! Please join us in this rare opportunity to have an in-person Insight Dialogue retreat in Hong Kong!

Insight Dialogue is a practice aiming to cultivate freedom from suffering through relational Dhamma, kindness, and compassion.  Insight Dialogue harnesses the power of relationship to amplify, refine, and accelerate the development of mindfulness. It helps the wisdom of Dhamma to enter the heart and mind in an immediate and embodied way.

The 12 day retreat period will be divided up into 3 sections to cater to different groups:

1) 22nd-26th December: 5 day retreat for those who are new to Insight Dialogue. English with Cantonese translation.

2) 27th-31st December: 5 day retreat for those with Insight Dialogue experience. English only (Cantonese translation may be offered, subject to the availability of translation resources).

3) 1st-2nd January: 2 day extension for Insight Dialogue facilitators and peer group leaders. English only.

Depending on your experience, you may join one of the 5 day retreats, while experienced ID practitioners may combine 2 or all 3 sections into a longer retreat period.

In the retreat, we will practice ID in a residential setting to settle into the practice of the Insight Dialogue Guidelines. For those with experience, you will further deepen in the 3 Bases - mindfulness and meditative qualities of the mind, wholesome relational qualities and wisdom. Daily silent practice and outdoor mindful working and movement will be part of the retreat too.

We serve healthy vegetarian food at the monastery.

Teachers: Beth Faria (online) and Dave Leggatt (in person)

Prerequisite: These retreats are for experienced meditators and Insight Dialogue practitioners with a regular meditation practice. Please ensure the following conditions are met if you would like to attend.

● Regular individual meditation practice

● To avoid disruptions, all participants must attend at least one of the 5 days sections of the retreat in full.

● Experienced Insight Dialogue practitioners would have completed an Introduction to Insight Dialogue (or similar) course and have a regular Insight Dialogue practice.


● To cover the costs of food, hiring a cook and facilities for the retreat, there will be a fee of HK$250 per day. So if you are attending 5 days, then the fee will be HK$1250 for the five days. Monastics can join on donation basis. For those who need financial support, you can email us.

● Since the teachers are traveling to Hong Kong and offering these precious teachings out of their own generosity, you will also be invited to donate to them separately.

About the Teachers:

Both Beth and Dave have been working with the Asia and greater China regions in teaching and growing the Insight Dialogue practice communities in the last two years.

Elizabeth Faria has offered Insight Dialogue and silent meditation in Australia and Brasil since 2013. She has studied with Gregory Kramer and the Insight Dialogue Teaching Community since 2008. She began practicing vipassana on long retreats meditation in 1996, taking a two-year break from work to dedicate time to meditation practice in India, the US, Australia, and Thailand.

Elizabeth is a graduate of the Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists Professional Training Course in Buddhism and Psychotherapy. She has worked as a psychotherapist for the last 29 years and has long been interested in the integration of the Buddhadharma with neuroscience and psychotherapy. Elizabeth lives in New South Wales, Australia. For more information about Elizabeth, please visit her website.

Dave Leggatt practiced in the Vipassana tradition for many years. He was introduced to Insight Dialogue in 2011 and joined the Insight Dialogue facilitator program in 2016. Since then Dave has been facilitating and teaching in-person workshops, retreats and online offerings. Aware of the importance of spiritual friendship and the power of Insight

Dialogue practiced in daily life, he enjoys expanding the boundaries of practice for himself and others. He founded the annual Kalyanamittata retreat and offers practice in the global Insight Dialogue community. He is active on a number of community teams. Dave lives in Toronto, Canada.

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