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Monday Night Practice

7:15 - 9:30pm

  • 2 hr 15 min
  • Zoom

Service Description "Meditation is not a part-time occupation. It's not a pastime. It's something we need to integrate into our lives so that it is always there. Because the mind is like a zero-sum game. It's either positive or negative." - Sayadaw Tejaniya, Every moment is time to meditate ​ Welcome to the HKIMS Monday evening English speaking group practice ​ We are an English speaking group of established meditators who meet every week to listen to dharma talks, learn from established teachers, take part in formal silent self-practice, as well as to share and discuss our direct experiences. We are here to support one another in maintaining the practice, whether you are just beginning or have been to dozens of retreats. ​ We welcome meditators who already have an established practice, as well as beginners who are new to meditation. If you have never practiced on your own before, please read the notes below. ​ In line with HKIMS's objectives, this group's primary focus is on practices and teachings relating to Vipassana (Insight) Buddhist Meditation. We welcome practitioners inspired by all Buddhist traditions, as well as non-Buddhists. ​ Guidelines For Online Zoom Meetings We offer these sessions to provide a space for experienced meditators and beginners to support one another through active participation and sharing. In order to facilitate this, we ask all attendees to adhere to the following guidelines:- ​ Attend on time by 7:15pm, especially if you are new to the group and / or a beginner - this enables the facilitators to give some orientation and introduction before the session commences formally at 7:30pm Enable your device camera - this is particularly important if you are relatively new to the group so that we can support and get to know one another better Update your screen name, so that people know how to refer to you Attend from an environment that is as peaceful and quiet as possible - this is beneficial both to your practice and experience of the session, as it is for other participants ​ To help enable an open and safe practice environment for all, the host will ensure:- Recording functions within the Zoom platform are disabled for all participants During the silent meditation practice period (usually from 8:15pm - 9:00pm), a "waiting room" function will be activated to put any new joiners on hold until the end of the practice period. ​

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