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Sat, 01 May



2021 May ONLINE One-day Compassion (Karuṇā) Retreat led by Visu Teoh

Compassion is the heartfelt response towards the suffering we see all around us and in the world, especially in these difficult corona pandemic times. Let us spend a day developing this noble heart of compassion for suffering beings.

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2021 May ONLINE One-day Compassion (Karuṇā) Retreat led by Visu Teoh
2021 May ONLINE One-day Compassion (Karuṇā) Retreat led by Visu Teoh

時間及地點 Time & Location

01 May 2021, 9:00 am – 5:45 pm HKT


活動詳情 About The Event

Visu will give instructions on how to radiate compassion in the sitting and walking mode. We will be sending compassion to people we know who are suffering who could be our loved ones and friends and all beings in general. We will wish them healing, inner strength, and relief from their suffering.

As we know, a mental quality does not become strong unless we repeatedly bring it to mind and practise it. Thus, filling our minds with compassionate thoughts will condition us to think, speak and act with kindness and compassion in our everyday life – a virtue that is much needed in this suffering world.

The schedule


  • 9.00am: Beginning instructions followed by sitting compassion meditation .
  • 10.00am: Walking compassion meditation.
  • 11.00am: Sitting compassion meditation.


  • 12.00 noon: Lunch and Rest. Still maintaining compassion in the heart.


  • 1.30pm: Sitting compassion meditation.
  • 2.30pm: Walking compassion meditation.
  • 3.30pm: Sitting compassion meditation.
  • 4.30pm: Dhamma Talk, Questions, Discussion.

Sharing and close

  • 5.45pm: Sharing of merits and Conclusion of retreat.

Visu will give instructions, reminders, and encouragement at the beginning of every sitting and walking session to motivate and inspire us in the practice.

Compassion (Pali: karuṇā) is one of the four sublime abodes (brahmavihāras) taught us by the Buddha, the other three being lovingkindness (mettā), appreciative joy (muditā) and equanimity (upekkhā). Visu has previously led us in one-day joy and equanimity retreats. It is fitting now that we continue by devoting a day to compassion practice. After this compassion retreat Visu plans to lead us further in one-day lovingkindness (mettā) retreat and one-day vipassanā (insight) retreat.

It is wonderful that we avail ourselves of this precious opportunity to practise the four sublime abodes and vipassanā. The sublime abodes are especially important in our daily life. They help to maintain our minds in a positive and wholesome state. They are beautiful mental qualities that make us noble human beings.

Vipassanā is the profound insight into the nature of suffering, understanding how it arises, how it can come to an end, and how to walk the noble eightfold path that can lead us to the end of suffering. Visu says our practice is holistic, encompassing all the teachings of the Buddha, who is an exemplar of compassion, having devoted all his life after his enlightenment to tirelessly teaching beings the way out of suffering.


About Visu

In addition to mindfulness and vipassanā, Visu emphasizes the practice of the four sublime abodes and cultivating all wholesome states of mind. A former Buddhist monk, Visu has been practising the Dhamma and leading retreats for more than 30 years. He owes deep gratitude to his teacher, the late Sayadaw U Pandita of Myanmar, and many other great and compassionate teachers with whom he has been fortunate to meet and study with on his Dhamma path. Visu is happily married to Barbara and presently resides in Ulm, Germany. His teachings can be accessed at his website,

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